descriptionHead-R, a simplistic Web crawler (2013)
last changeThu, 10 Oct 2013 16:53:43 +0000 (16:53 +0000)
2013-10-10 Ivan ShmakovAdded a manifest. master
2013-10-10 Ivan ShmakovAdded Emacs’ directory-local variables file.
2013-10-10 Ivan ShmakovAdded ‘Changes’.
2013-10-10 Ivan ShmakovFixed: strip the URIs processed of the fragment identif...
2013-10-10 Ivan ShmakovFixed: use the fully-qualified name when calling ‘info_...
2013-10-09 Ivan ShmakovNew ‘--user-agent’ (‘-U’) option.
2013-10-09 Ivan ShmakovUse a work-around for Net::HTTP bug #29468 if necessary.
2013-10-09 Ivan ShmakovAdded a build system and a test suite.
2013-10-08 Ivan ShmakovNew ‘--no-proxy’ (‘-P’) option.
2013-10-08 Ivan ShmakovUse ‘LWP::RobotUA’ (was: ‘LWP::UserAgent’.)
2013-10-07 Ivan ShmakovSet the module’s version to 0.1.
2013-10-07 Ivan ShmakovSplit the ‘App::HeadR’ package off the ‘head-r’ code.
2013-10-07 Ivan ShmakovSwitched the license to “GNU GPL version 3 or later.”
2013-10-07 Ivan ShmakovInitial revision.
2 years ago master