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The purpose of this wiki is similar to that of Wikiversity and Wikibooks – to facilitate development of free instructional material on any subject, and to facilitate education in general.

As such, our priorities are utility, neutrality and verifiability, freedom to redistribute and use for any purpose (as per the CC BY-SA 3.0 license), and civility of the discussions we hold. There’re no firm rules, either.

Our intent is not to create an encyclopedia. As such, notability is not generally a concern when contributing to this wiki.

This wiki is intended to be multilingual, which means there’re ought to be certain similarities to Wikimedia Commons and Beta Wikiversity as well.

We request – but do not require – that you disclose any conflict of interest that you may have while editing this wiki. We do not require that you disclose your client or affiliation when receiving, or expecting to receive, compensation for your edits – this same policy works for Wikimedia Commons, and we do not see why it would fail here.

Beware that we’re still at the beta testing stage. As such, expect missing features, plain bugs, frequent outages, and occasional data loss.